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I Can Play For Minimal Hours and I will Be On To Help Who Ever Needs It :)
Guys It Has Been A Long Time And I Am Sadly Leaving Gollemknoll For Along Time If Not For Ever.... Its Hard For Me To Say But, I Have Had A GReat Time With You Guys.... Thanks For All The Good Times And  MAby One Day I Will Be Back... :(

For One Last Time,


We're on 1.7.2

[Owner] Golem Knoll a posted Nov 19, 13
CraftBukkit has yet to release a 1.7.2 update but in the meantime the guys on the Spigot dev team put out an alpha build to get us going.

We're running an unsupported alpha build so there may be some weird bugs, but when you add this many flowers to a game you gotta expect bugs :)
[Admin] DanDan36 The server keeps crashing
Goystar cant really go on, i cant really find any computer who has minecraft on it.

Back Online!

[Owner] Golem Knoll a posted Nov 18, 13
At long last Golem Knoll is back online!

There is still no 1.7.2 version of Bukkit available, so in the meantime GK will stay as version 1.6.4. Luckily when Mojang made us all upgrade to the new launcher, it came with a feature to allow different profiles so you should be able to easy launch your old 1.6.4 version when you're logging in.

For those wondering when we'll upgrade to 1.7.2 you can follow the official thread here:

In the meantime I'll be on a fair bit getting the Terra Nova questlines set up and adding the new builds.

Happy knolling!


[Owner] Golem Knoll a posted Nov 10, 13
While we wait on the edges of our seats for the last bit of the datacenter move to wrap up, I figured I'd post a couple teasers showing builds that will be integrated into GK 1.7.

Those who have had the opportunity to explore Terra Nova may have noticed Merlin puttering around the Magic Shop, which will also serve as the Enrolment Office for the Wizards College. This is not going to be the actual college, just the college's presence within Town Square.

The new Wizards College campus, along with a couple other new additions to GK, can be seen here:

Note that the images show the new builds in their original host worlds. I'll be copy/pasting them into Terra Nova so they'll look slightly different when they actually get put in.
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